This week’s New York Business Divorce previews and links to the latest podcast episode of the Business Divorce Roundtable featuring an interview with business appraiser Greg Barber following publication of his intriguing article in the NY State Bar Association Journal on the hot topic of marketability discounts in statutory fair-value proceedings.
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The Zelouf case returns to the spotlight in this week’s New York Business Divorce, occasioned by Justice Shirley Kornreich’s decision last month denying a motion to reargue the court’s refusal to apply a marketability discount in valuing the shares of a dissenting minority shareholder of a family-owned business.
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In the second of two posts on the recent post-trial decision in Chiu v. Chiu, involving the disputed ownership of a single-asset real estate holding company, this week’s New York Business Divorce focuses on the court’s rejection of a discount for lack of marketability in determining the fair value of the withdrawing member’s 10% interest.

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The discount for lack of marketability is a fixture in New York fair value jurisprudence as a result of almost 30 years of case law starting with Matter of Blake. Some prominent voices in the business valuation field are challenging the doctrine as wrong in theory and bereft of empirical support. Learn more in this week’s New York Business Divorce.

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