An Illinois appellate court recently ruled in an unusual dissenting shareholder case on the valuation of shares in a single asset, real estate “C” corporation. It’s a highly interesting decision, pitting equitable considerations against valuation orthodoxy. You can either guess which prevailed, or you can read this week’s New York Business Divorce.

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Justice Ira Warshawsky of Nassau County Supreme Court’s Commercial Division has issued a “BIG” decision (as in discount for Built-In Gains tax) in a stock valuation arising out of a dissolution proceeding brought by minority shareholders claiming oppression. Read about it in this week’s New York Business Divorce.

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See full size imageBusiness appraisers generally apply discounts of one sort or another to value an interest in a closely held business entity. Discounts for lack of control (DLOC) and lack of marketability (DLOM) are most commonly used, depending on the context (estate taxes, matrimonial divorce, dissenting shareholder appraisal, etc.) and the applicable standard of value (fair market