Whatever doubts you may have had about the perils of using fixed-pricing in shareholder buy-sell agreements likely will be dispelled when you read this week’s New York Business Divorce highlighting a recent decision by the Appellate Division, Fourth Department, in Sullivan v. Troser Management, Inc.
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An appellate ruling last month in DeMatteo v. DeMatteo Salvage Co. brings to a close the cautionary tale of an 8-year court battle among members of a family-owned business over the enforcement of a poorly designed buy-sell agreement. It’s in this week’s New York Business Divorce.

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Many shareholder and operating agreements provide redemption rights at a price stated in an appended certificate of value which is supposed to be updated periodically but often is not. A recent decision by Justice Stephen A. Bucaria addresses potential liability when the certificate of value is not timely updated. Learn more in this week’s New York Business Divorce.

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