This week’s New York Business Divorce highlights a recent decision by Manhattan Commercial Division Justice Andrea Masley dismissing a petition to dissolve a realty holding corporation brought under the rarely used Section 1104 (c) of the Business Corporation Law for failure to hold board elections.
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In this week’s New York Business Divorce, find out how Justice Vito DeStefano ruled when asked to dismiss a damages suit by a minority shareholder against the majority shareholder, brought years after the minority shareholder abandoned a prior dissolution proceeding in which the majority shareholder elected to purchase.
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A decision last month by Albany Justice Richard Platkin in Matter of Ryan (Integra Networks, Inc.) opted in favor of the petitioners’ request to voluntarily discontinue their corporate dissolution proceeding over the respondents’ request for leave to make an untimely buy-out election. Find out why in this week’s New York Business Divorce.
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In 1986, the legislature amended the statutory buy-out provision in judicial dissolution proceedings to make it harder to revoke an election to purchase. This week’s New York Business Divorce highlights a recent decision by Justice Stephen Bucaria in Matter of Gold, where the court was asked to revoke an election to purchase after the petitioner’s stock interest was valued.
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