It’s time for another deep dive into fair value jurisprudence, courtesy of Justice Richard Platkin’s recent decision in the Digeser v. Flach case in which he addresses a number of valuation issues contested by the opposing business appraisal experts. Don’t miss it in this week’s New York Business Divorce.
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Can real property titled in the names of individuals be deemed partnership property? That’s the question recently answered by Justice Carolyn Demarest in Sokolowski v. Wodkiewicz, a case involving competing claims by the estate of a deceased property owner and the surviving co-owners who asserted the right to purchase the estate’s interest. This week’s New York Business Divorce has the story.
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New York’s ancient and outmoded Partnership Law continues to generate litigation almost 100 years after its adoption. A case in point, featured in this week’s New York Business Divorce, is Breidbart v. Wiesenthal, decided earlier this month by the Appellate Division, Second Department, addressing the question whether post-dissolution gain on the sale of realty is included in “profits” under Partnership Law Section 73, applicable when valuing the interest of a deceased or retired partner.
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