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Iowa was one of the earliest of the 22 states that by now have adopted the Revised Uniform LLC Act (2006). Last month, Iowa’s Supreme Court handed down an important first-impression decision construing and applying RULLCA’s judicial dissolution provisions in a case involving a family-owned realty holding company. This week’s New York Business Divorce has the story.
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This week’s New York Business Divorce revisits the Kassab case on the occasion of the latest decision in its five-year litigation journey, denying for the second time the minority member’s bid to dissolve a realty holding LLC co-owned with his brother in the wake of having successfully dissolved their related realty holding corporation.
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Last week’s decision by a Manhattan appellate panel in Barone v. Sowers reaffirms its holding two years ago in Doyle v. Icon, LLC that a minority member of an LLC cannot solely rely on allegations of oppression by the majority member to survive a pretrial motion for dismissal of a dissolution claim. Learn more in this week’s New York Business Divorce.
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This week’s New York Business Divorce offers some “summer shorts” consisting of summaries of three recent decisions of interest by Justices Orin Kitzes, Stephen Bucaria and Ellen Coin featuring involving exclusion of a minority LLC member seeking dissolution, a request for injunctive relief pending the trial of a corporate dissolution case, and a cmplaint seeking profit share following the revocation of an LLC membership purchase agreement.
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The Appellate Division, Second Department’s breakthrough decision in the 1545 Ocean Avenue case, in which the court redefined the standard for judicial dissolution of LLCs, recently marked its one-year anniversary. This week’s New York Business Divorce looks at several recent trial court decisions by Justices Warshawsky, Strauss and Pines in LLC dissolution cases to see how the new standard has fared.

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