New York Business Divorce this week inaugurates Winter Case Notes, offering synopses of three recent decisions by Supreme Court Justices Richard Platkin, Stephen Bucaria, and Cynthia Kern in cases involving the removal of an LLC manager and other issues of interest to business divorce professionals.
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This week’s New York Business Divorce examines a recent Justice Bucaria decision that, upon reconsideration, allows an LLC member’s suit to recover withheld distributions to proceed without necessity of amending her complaint to seek judicial dissolution. The decision also prompts a look at the LLC Law’s statute of repose for “wrongful distributions.”
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Can majority members of an LLC withdraw a dissolution claim, over two years into the case, for the purpose of enforcing against a minority member the LLC agreement’s non-compete provision which, by its terms, lapses upon dissolution? Find out in this week’s New York Business Divorce.
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Over the last year or so Nassau County Commercial Division Justice Stephen Bucaria has issued a series of decisions in disputes among co-owners of close corporations and LLCs applying the ancient rule of partnership law prohibiting courts from adjudicating such disputes except when dissolution or a final accounting is sought. Learn more about this intriguing development in this week’s New York Business Divorce.
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Justice Stephen Bucaria’s recent decision in PFT Technology LLC v. Wieser is one of only a handful of rulings by New York courts addressing the right to advancement of legal fees in litigation among members of a limited liability company. Learn more in this week’s New York Business Divorce.
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Appraisal experts provide critical testimony in valuation proceedings. Court rules govern pretrial expert disclosure. In this week’s New York Business Divorce, you can bone up on the disclosure requirements and read about cases in which the parties paid a price for failing to comply with disclosure requirements.
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In Digirolomo v. Sugar LI, LLC, decided last month by Justice Stephen Bucaria, the court devised a novel solution in a lawsuit between LLC members, designed to bring about an equitable buy-out, by conditioning injunctive relief on the plaintiffs filing an amended complaint seeking dissolution. Don’t miss it in this week’s New York Business Divorce.
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