dissenting shareholder

This week’s New York Business Divorce examines an interesting appellate ruling from Colorado denying enforcement of a non-compete against a shareholder-employee of a medical practice who dissented from a merger and demanded payment for the fair value of his shares.
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The statute governing LLC mergers requires a member vote at a meeting to be held on at least 20 days notice. In Slayton v. Highline Stages, LLC, the majority members used written consents in lieu of a meeting to approve a freeze-out merger, which the frozen-out minority member challenged. Did she succeed? Find out in this week’s New York Business Divorce.
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Freeze-out mergers are well known in the corporate venue, but did you know they can also be used for limited liability companies, and that they can trigger appraisal rights? This week’s New York Business Divorce examines a decision by Manhattan Commercial Division Justice Charles Ramos in a rare lawsuit prompted by an LLC freeze-out merger.

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