A Manhattan appellate panel recently ordered a trial in a suit between the estate of a deceased law firm partner and the surviving partner over whether the latter’s post-death admission of a new partner was part of an alleged “sham” transaction designed to defeat the estate’s entitlement to receive half the firm’s assets upon dissolution and liquidation. You won’t want to miss it in this week’s New York Business Divorce.
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The hydra-headed Ficus Investments litigation is the gift that keeps on giving, at least to students of business divorce. This week’s New York Business Divorce highlights the latest appellate decision in the case, in which the court reversed an order dissolving the limited liability company that managed the mortgage business at the center of the melee.

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The business partnership breakup and hydra-headed litigation known as Ficus Investments, Inc. v. Private Capital Management, LLC, is the subject of this week’s New York Business Divorce, as it looks at a recent, important ruling by Manhattan Commercial Division Justice Bernard Fried addressing rights of advancement and indemnification for litigation misconduct.

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This week’s New York Business Divorce features a recent decision by Justice Bernard Fried granting dissolution of an LLC owned 50-50 by two members locked in several highly contentious lawsuits. The decision addresses standing of a membership interest assignee to seek dissolution, and whether deadlock can establish ground for dissolution of a passive investment holding company.

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