In this week’s New York Business Divorce, read about a rare decision considering whether to grant an untimely BCL 1118 buyout election and the unsavory consequence of the respondent’s delay: imposition of a million dollar bond.
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In this week’s New York Business Divorce, read about the history and development of case law in New York over the past 25 years holding potentially void as against public policy provisions in partnership, shareholders, and operating agreements barring closely-held business owners from petitioning courts to dissolve the entity.
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New York Business Divorce proudly presents its seventh annual list of the past year’s ten most noteworthy business divorce cases, along with short summaries and links to prior posts on the featured cases. Happy New Year!
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Drinkers of AriZona Iced Tea will thirst for this week’s New York Business Divorce post on a dissolution petition filed last week in Nassau County Supreme Court by a 50% shareholder of the multi-billion dollar beverage maker headquartered in Woodbury, New York.

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