This week’s New York Business Divorce examines a noteworthy decision by Manhattan Commercial Division Justice Barry Ostrager in which he held that a member of a member-managed LLC owes fiduciary duties regardless whether the member actively participates in the LLC’s management.
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This week’s New York Business Divorce travels upstate, to Buffalo, where a most interesting dispute between 50/50 members of a realty company has played out in litigation before Justice Timothy Walker, focusing on the rights of the non-managing member to bring a derivative summary eviction proceeding against the LLC’s sole tenant.
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In a two-member, 50/50 LLC, can Member #1 as sole managing member assert a fiduciary breach claim against non-managing Member #2? Justice Vito DeStefano recently tackled the question in Kalikow v. Shalik, highlighted in this week’s New York Business Divorce.
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