It’s not every day that New York’s highest court considers a question impacting the business divorce cases that we typically litigate. But a recent decision from the Court of Appeals requires careful consideration by any owner of a foreign-incorporated entity considering New York litigation.  
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This week’s New York Business Divorce showcases how courts reign in aggrieved limited partners whose demands stray from the plain terms of the limited partnership agreement
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On the menu for this week’s New York Business Divorce: five noteworthy business divorce cases from five different states.
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This week’s New York Business Divorce takes a look at the common-law history leading to the enactment of BCL 713 regulating self-interested transactions by corporate directors, along with illustrative synopses of cases applying the statute.
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What happens when you cross an at-will employment agreement with a mandatory redemption requirement at a deeply discounted price? Find out in this week’s post.
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Statutes and caselaw have imposed several limitations on shareholders’ ability to enter into enforceable voting agreements. But those limitations apply in the corporate context—few have migrated over to LLC member voting agreements. And as a recent decision from the First Department demonstrates, LLC member voting agreements may have fewer formality requirements than one might expect.
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