Stock valuation junkies can get their fix in this week’s New York Business Divorce, as it revisits the issue of discounts for BIG — as in built-in capital gains taxes — in the appraisal of C corporation shares under the fair value standard, prompted by a decision last week by a Manhattan appeals court in a case called Matter of Mandelbaum.

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The Appellate Division, First Department, has ruled consistent with Delaware law that an LLC manager’s right to indemnification of legal expenses in winning dismissal of one action need not await resolution of a second action raising the same claims. This week’s New York Business Divorce explains.

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A recent decision by Commercial Division Justice Charles E. Ramos in the case of Arfa v. Zamir grabs the spotlight in this week’s New York Business Divorce. The subject is an important one to business owners and their counsel: Does a general release in an out-of-court agreement between business partners/fiduciaries provide any protection against allegations of fraudulent nondisclosure?

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This week’s New York Business Divorce looks at a recent case in which the managing member of an LLC, relying on the operating agreement’s indemnity provision, sought to sell company assets for various purposes including payment of her own legal fees to defend against an action brought by the other members to remove her as manager.

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