A recent decision by Justice Martin Ritholtz addresses a novel claim by one of two 50% LLC members for breach of fiduciary duty by a non-member designated by the operating agreement as tie-breaker to resolve member deadlock. It’s in this week’s New York Business Divorce.
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This week’s New York Business Divorce highlights an unusual corporate dissolution case in which a tie-break provision in the shareholders agreement of 50/50 shareholders gave one of them the decisive vote in the event of board deadlock, which in turn doomed the other’s deadlock dissolution petition.
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An unusual, two-state battle between 50-50 owners of a New York LLC led to a decision earlier this month by Justice Kornreich dismissing a dissolution petition and denying injunctive relief following a New Jersey judge’s order appointing a fifth Director to break a Board deadlock. This week’s New York Business Divorce has the story.
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