The doctrine of “unclean hands” played a decisive role in a recent decision by Justice Emily Pines in Kimelstein v. Kimelstein, in which the court dismissed a dissolution petition brought by someone who admitted that he never formalized his stock interest to keep it hidden from his ex-wives and the government. It’s in this week’s New York Business Divorce.

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The fascinating case of Yemini v. Goldberg, involving the enforceability of a Nominee Agreement between two 50% shareholders, makes its second appearance in this week’s New York Business Divorce on the occasion of a new decision in the case by Justice Stephen Bucaria.

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The defense of “unclean hands” frequently is employed against petitions for involuntary corporate dissolution. A recent decision by Justice Stephen Bucaria, examined in this week’s New York Business Divorce, highlights the special considerations attendant to the defense in 50/50 deadlock dissolution cases, where the focus is less on fault and more on the existence of dissension.

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