This week’s New York Business Divorce offers some “summer shorts” consisting of summaries of three recent decisions of interest including two by Justice Timothy Driscoll and another by Justice David Schmidt, featuring disputes over a liquidating receiver’s sale of the dissolved corporation’s real property and the requirements for pleading derivative claims.

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Derivative claims seeking recovery on behalf of the business entity frequently are brought in liitgation among the business’s co-owners. Often they are combined with direct claims seeking individual redress. A decision last week by a Manhattan appellate panel in Yudell v. Gilbert, featuring a signed opinion by Justice Karla Moskowitz, adopts Delaware’s approach to distinguish direct from derivative claims, which is crucial in determining whether the plaintiff must satisfy the requirement of pre-suit demand upon the entity’s controlling body. This week’s New York Business Divorce has the story.

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A lawsuit among siblings who co-own a business that owns and operates a boat yard is fodder for an interesting decision earlier this month by Suffolk County Commercial Division Justice Elizabeth Emerson in Gillette v. Sembler. The decision, which addresses the requirement for pre-suit demand for derivative claims, is featured in this week’s New York Business Divorce.

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