Stock Transfer Restrictions

This week’s New York Business Divorce revisits an important topic, involving mandatory stock buybacks triggered by the filing of a dissolution petition, prompted by a recent decision by an upstate appellate court in Matter of Stevens (Allied Builders, Inc.).

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The right of first refusal, commonly used to restrict stock transfers in closely held corporations, continues to live up to its reputation as one of the most reliable generators of employment for litigation attorneys in Giaimo v. EGA Associates Inc., in which the Appellate Division, First Department, recently reversed a lower court’s ruling denying summary judgment in a battle for corporate control between brother and sister. It’s in this week’s New York Business Divorce.

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Shareholder and operating agreements typically contain provisions restricting the right to transfer stock or membership interests. A recent decision by Justice Ira Warshawsky in Verderber v. Commander Enterprises Centereach, LLC, in which he refused to grant a preliminary injunction enforcing a transfer restriction, prompts this week’s New York Business Divorce to examine the ancient rule against unreasonable restraints on alienation.

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When majority shareholders, for good or bad reason, terminate the minority shareholder’s employment in a closely held company that pays no dividends, is the minority shareholder’s at-will employment status a defense to an involuntary corporate dissolution proceeding? The answer arrives in this week’s New York Business Divorce courtesy of a recent decision by Justice Marily Shafer in the case of Ambar v. Devington Technologies, Ltd.

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Danger lurks for the dissolution petitioner and attorney who beforehand don’t thoroughly analyze whether the mere filing of a petition may trigger rights of first refusal in the shareholders’ agreement. This week’s New York Business Divorce highlights a recent appellate decision where the unwary petitioner fell into the self-made trap.

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