There’s sure to be fireworks — or at least litigation — when one of two 50% members of an LLC attempts to terminate the other for wrongful conduct as vaguely defined in the LLC agreement, as illustrated in an appellate ruling last month in Harker v. Guyther, featured in this week’s New York Business Divorce.
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Compared to its Business Corporation Law, New York’s LLC Law provides greater latitude to LLC members when it comes to making management decisions without necessity of holding a formal meeting. A recent Delaware Chancery Court decision construing that state’s similar LLC statute sheds light on the interplay between the statutory default rule and operating agreement provisions that set forth voting procedures without mention of the members’ right to take action without a meeting. It’s in this week’s New York Business Divorce.

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Can a court order the expulsion of an LLC member for misconduct absent language in the operating agreement so providing? Get the answer in this week’s New York Business Divorce highlighting a recent decision by the Appellate Division, Second Department, posing the issue in the context of a bitter dispute between two brothers.

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