An unusual set of facts, involving the termination of a shareholder’s employment following his criminal conviction, set the stage for last week’s appellate ruling requiring the redemption of his shares notwithstanding the company’s noncompliance with certain time limitations governing the exercise of its purchase option. Get the full story in this week’s New York Business Divorce.
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Justice Carolyn Demarest issued a noteworthy decision this month in Camuso v. Brooklyn Portfolio LLC, in which she resolved a three-way dispute over the transfer of a general and limited partnership interest as part of a divorce settlement. Get the full story in this week’s New York Business Divorce.
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A noteworthy decision last week by Justice Carolyn Demarest is featured in this week’s New York Business Divorce. The case, involving a fight between sibling co-owners of a food distributor and a separate realty company, addresses important issues concerning the scope of a general release and LLC members’ right to advancement of legal defense costs.
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In this week’s New York Business Divorce, the curious case of Lowbet Realty makes its second appearance on the occasion of a new decision this month by Justice Carolyn Demarest addressing the fallout from an unauthorized sale of the corporation’s real property after the commencement of a dissolution proceeding, and the victimized shareholder’s effort to have the sale rescinded under Section 1114 of the Business Corporation Law. Don’t miss it!
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A decision last week by the Appellate Division, Second Department, in Mizrahi v. Cohen ordered a buy-out of a 50% LLC member by the other 50% member as an equitable remedy in lieu of a winding-up and liquidation of the LLC’s assets. Read about this important decision in this week’s New York Business Divorce.
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A decision last month by Justice Carolyn Demarest in Mizrahi v. Cohen adds to the short but growing list of LLC dissolution cases in which courts have ordered equitable buy-outs notwithstanding the absence of enabling provision in the LLC agreement. This week’s New York Business Divorce has this important story.
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Someday, if and when the facts come out in discovery, we’ll learn what really happened in the curious case of Matter of Hu (Lowbet Realty Corp.), 2012 NY Slip Op 22314 (Sup Ct Kings County Nov. 2, 2012), in which a slippery minority shareholder somehow managed to sell the corporation’s sole realty asset and abscond with $1.6 million sale proceeds in violation of court order in a pending liquidation proceeding brought by the majority shareholder. In the meantime, the buyer and the property manager now find themselves ensnared in the majority shareholder’s effort to rescind the sale and to recover damages.

The court’s decision in Lowbet, issued earlier this month by Brooklyn Commercial Division Justice Carolyn E. Demarest, tells a remarkable story of brazen disobedience of court order by one Margaret Liu, a 25% shareholder of Lowbet Realty Corp. The decision also sheds light on an interesting, rarely seen procedural question in corporate dissolution proceedings, namely, whether the court may adjudicate within such summary proceedings a shareholder’s claim for relief against a third party who is neither a shareholder nor officer/director of the corporation, rather than being forced to commence a separate, plenary action by ordinary summons and complaint.


The petitioner, Shau Chung Hu, was the 100% owner of Lowbet when, in 1980, it purchased a 19-unit apartment building in Brooklyn. In 1985, Hu married Margaret Liu and gave her a 25% stock interest in Lowbet. Mr. Hu and Ms. Liu separated in 1995, at which time Mr. Hu went to China where he has resided ever since, leaving Ms. Liu in full control over Lowbet.
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This week’s New York Business Divorce examines a recent decision by Justice Carolyn E. Demarest in Pisane v. Feig, where the court confirmed an arbitration award stemming from a petition for judicial dissolution of several affiliated companies, in which the arbitrator decided which of the two parties was entitled to buy out the other, and at what price.

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A tattoo parlor business is the unusual setting for a decision last week by the Appellate Division, Second Department, affirming the lower court’s post-trial dismissal of an LLC dissolution case brought by a member claiming denial of her co-equal management rights. It’s “inked” in this week’s New York Business Divorce.

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Those interested in the evolving law of LLC dissolution won’t want to miss this week’s New York Business Divorce featuring a case called Mizrahi v. Cohen decided last week by Justice Carolyn Demarest in which she ordered dissolution of a financially failing real estate holding company.

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