Access to Books and Records

Is a “Management Member” of an LLC, who holds only an economic interest, a “Member” for purposes of demanding access to the LLC’s books and records? Justice Shirley Werner Kornreich, applying Delaware law, closely examined the operating agreement in upholding inspection rights, as explained in this week’s New York Business Divorce.
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Do unit holders in condominiums, organized as unincorporated associations, have the right to inspect books and records maintained by the condo’s board of managers? Find out in this week’s New York Business Divorce which highlights a number of recent court decisions on the subject.
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In a decision of apparent first impression in New York, an appellate panel last week upheld the common-law right of a shareholder to inspect the books and records of the corporation’s wholly-owned subsidiary. Get the full story in this week’s New York Business Divorce.
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This 6th annual edition of Summer Shorts presents brief commentary on three decisions of interest in business divorce cases, including a dispute among LLP partners over the reduction of one partner’s interest; disqualification of counsel in an LLC dissolution case; and a Delaware books-and-records case involving phantom stock.
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Justice Saliann Scarpulla’s recent decision in MFB Realty LLC v Eichner highlights statutory and contractual restrictions surrounding the scope of the rights transferred when LLC interests are assigned. Learn more in this week’s New York Business Divorce.
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This week’s New York Business Divorce highlights a trio of recent decisions involving LLC disputes concerning the membership rights of the estate of a deceased member, the intended purpose of the LLC as the basis for a dissolution claim, and the power to expel a member.
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This week’s New York Business Divorce highlights a recent decision by Justice Richard Platkin in a case involving a fractured family-owned business where the deaths of two shareholders before and during litigation triggered a consequential change in control.
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